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One year ago, to the date, I was cutting weight, in Beijing, getting ready to march into the Bird’s Nest for the Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

It seems so long ago that I was in China, but I remember it vividly. Getting my parade outfit on, the long wait in the staging area before we had to line up to march in.

The United States of America was number 141. We had to sit in the gymnastics venue and wait for our number was called. When it was, we walked downstairs, over 600 of us, all members of team USA.

The walk to the Bird’s Nest seemed like forever and the streets were lined with spectators and volunteers trying to get a peek of the Olympians. I remember vividly a number of volunteers asking me “Where is Kobe?!” as if I were friends with Kobe Bryant and would know where he was.

When we finally arrived a the Bird’s Nest, I was anxious. I could faintly hear the crowd cheering up ahead. We entered a dimmly lit tunnel and at the end was white light, almost symbolic of our journey to Beijing.

I was near the front of the line- a nice baseball player let me and Ronda cut him in line since I couldn’t see anything. Everyone around me seemed 8 feet tall.

When we reached the end of the tunnel, it opened up to the most incredible scene I had ever witnessed in my life- 90,000 screaming fans all cheering for us. News reporters lined the track field as we did our march around the field. I waved and smiled at everyone we passed by and felt like a celebrity. Every American flag we saw in the crowd gave us inspiration. It truly was a dream come true.

It is an experience that is difficult to express into words and one that I will carry with me forever for many years to come.


Sunday was my father’s 50th birthday and we went big- 40 people, endless Bbq-ing and Saturday night ate 7 MAINE LOBSTERS shipped and cooked LIVE.

Yes, its true, we had 7 lobsters shipping out from Maine and delivered to us (courtesy of Pat Torra). When we opened the box, they were still moving around!

Trust me, I did feel a little bad when we dipped them into the boiling water, but man oh man, did they taste delicious!

Although I’m an Olympic Athlete, it still astonishes me how amazing people really are.

Take for example, Michael Johnson, my favorite athlete.

When he ran a 19.32 200m in Atlanta, he was running at almost 25 miles per hour.

That is completely insane!!

A friend of mine posted this onto my facebook so I had to re-post.

An article about a cat named Casper who catches the bus

Check it out here.

The new family dog has arrived. His name is Kuro, which means “black” in Japanese.

He is cute, isn’t he??


Despite their names officially being “Casper” and “Koga” Nate and I never call them that.

To us, they are “Caper” and “Kogi”.

Actually, Koga is named after a famous judo player.

Although Casper and Koga are big now, they were once small (wow, that was deep…) What I mean to say is, we got Koga at 8 weeks when Casper was 6 months. Despite the age difference, Koga tortured (and continues to torture) Casper to this day:

Ahhh. Brotherly Love.


I’m at work.  I’m supposed to be “studying” about how to blog and how to create a wordpress blog account.

There’s no better way than hands on learning!

I’m now officially a “blogger”

…aren’t you proud?